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What's New in 2015-16

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

Check back on this page often throughout the summer and fall for updates
Last Update: Jul. 24, 2015

Below are brief updates of the improvements and additions we have made since the 2014-15 season. Underlined titles link to blog posts dedicated specifically to the subject. Please check back often as we will be updating this post as new changes are finished and rolled out for use throughout the fall and winter of 2015.

  • ShotChartr Improvements

  • Failure/Error Handling Improvements and new System Status site  

  • New Website and Admin Panel

    As you may have already noticed, we've redesigned our main website to make it easier to navigate and more friendly for mobile and tablet devices. That also includes our Admin Control Panel, which has also been redesigned to not only be easier to use, but also more accessible via mobile. Check out the new grid editor which will allow you to edit directly in the grid, or pop up a window to edit even more options, without having to leave the page. The scheduler has also been improved to aid in adding events even quicker. And the new Quick Add tool lets you add an event in a pinch without having to leave the main admin home page.

  • Untag Road Events

    We've added a new Admin tool that now lets schools/conferences untag themselves when they've been tagged by a host school in an event. This is useful if you're going to be scoring an event on the road yourself and want your stats feed to display on your landing page.

  • Distribution List Tool Improvements

    We've added two new tools to the Distribution List tool for our email system: Export and Remove Duplicates. The Export function lets you take a distribution list that is in our system and export it to a comma-separated text file (CSV) which can then be either pasted directly into your email client or opened in your favorite spreadsheet app (Excel, Calc, GoogleDocs). The second tool, Remove Duplicates, crawls through a distribution list of your choice, finds any duplicate email addresses and drops them; this will help prevent your recipients receiving multiple copies of your messages while saving you the time of having to hunt for dupes yourself.

  • PDF Stats Improvements

    We've made some adjustments to our PDF stats in every sport to make the reports/printouts match as close to StatCrew's printouts as possible, as well as improving readability, and adding extra information now available (such as time in the lead for basketball). The new PDF templates are automatically applied when you request a PDF or archive an event.






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