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2016-2017 Improvements, Enhancements and Upgrades

Posted on Jul 25, 2016

We've been hard at work the past few months, spending the summer break improving upon our entire platform. While some changes are easier to spot (such as our improved, updated graphics and responsive page design across the entire stats platform) others are more subtle. Below is the full list of changes we have made for the upcoming 2016-17 academic year as well as some things that are currently in the development pipeline.

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2016-17 Change Log (As of Jul, 24, 16)

Stats Feeds updates

  • Updated graphical interface for all platforms
    • Fully responsive design – stats adjust size to the size of the viewing screen
      • Allows for bigger font size throughout the product
    • Uniform styles between media stats, live stats, mobile stats, stat graphics
    • More contrast in UI design makes for higher visibility
    • User can change between black-on-white and white-on-black and preference will be saved for entire season
    • More integration of team logos
    • Expanded nav menu makes it easier to access the different stat views
    • Under the hood improvements also increased the speed of stat updates and decreased the amount of resources used on computers/tablets to view stats
  • StatBroadcast Live and Mobile – Integrated Targeted Ads
    • Targeted ads from your marketing department or marketing partner (like IMG or Learfield) can be directly integrated into the stats feeds and landing pages
  • StatGrfx Snapshot function
    • Capture a screenshot of the stats view displayed on your screen to an image and share it via your website or social media
  • Multimedia/Integrated Video views
    • Redesigned page to display video box in wide-screen (16:9 ) format
    • Page design is responsive, will adjust to the size of the browser and rearrange the display accordingly
    • Added score bug feature for every sport to the right of the video frame
    • Now supports all sports, including gymnastics and tennis
  • LED/Scoreboard Views
    • Improved on our existing LED/scoreboard views which allows stats, through a connected laptop or tablet, to display a video-friendly version of stats feeds for output to video systems or scoreboards
    • Now supports both 720p and 1080p display formats
    • Now has support for all sports (except tennis and gymnastics)
  • Expanded Team Logo Database
    • We have now expanded our team logo database to include all of Division I (all sub-classifications)
    • When an opponent is selected on the scheduling page that team’s logo will automatically be added to the stats feeds for that game/match.
  • Improved Game Widgets
    • New improved widgets can be displayed on any page to show a glimpse of in-game live stats
    • Responsive design adjusts to fit the space allotted on your page/site
  • Gymnastics
    • Scorekeeper – now supports both the XML and HTML formats of match files
  • Baseball
    • Added Score Card view, displays the entire game on a virtual baseball scorecard
    • Added First Pitch Strike stat – for games in which the scorekeeper is keeping pitch-by-pitch statistics, interface will displays how many batters faced a pitcher has thrown a first-pitch strike
    • Added player batting averages to the pre-game lineup and in-game lineup view



Admin updates

  • Added password recovery function
    • If you’ve forgotten your login password for StatBroadcast Admin, you can now recover it using the web and your email, no need to contact support and wait for a reply
  • School/Account Tools
    • Theme Builder (Create a new Theme/Edit an existing Theme)
      • New theme builder functionality allows schools to customize the colors and graphics that make up the theme of their stats feeds
      • Schools can also create multiple themes, allowing for custom graphics and colors for special events, rivalry games, etc.
    • Targeted Ad Manager
      • Manage your Google Targeted Ad campaigns that integrate into the Live Stats and Mobile Stats platform
      • Set your ad campaigns at different levels of customization: school-wide, by sport or even individual events
    • Widget Builder
      • Let’s you customize a widget and retrieve the IFRAME code for adding to your site or webpage
    • Update Contact info
      • Update your primary and alternate contacts throughout the year to stay in touch on updates and important announcements.
      • Also, an email must be registered as a contact to be used to recover a password

Retired functions/features

  • Live Game Notes
    • We have removed this function from the stats feed and admin interface. We found that the feature was not being used regularly enough for the resources required to support this functionality
    • We’re working on a new “notes” function that will hopefully be available around mid-year and provide more value to schools/events than the retired function
  • ‘Always show event’ option in Editor
    • We have removed this functionality from
  • Mini Live Stats Widget/ Live Gamecast Widget
    • We merged our two widgets into one unified widget, which adjusts to the size its allotted in its frame. Because of this it didn’t make sense to continue to maintain two separate widgets.


  • StatGrfx StatPages (Fall/Winter 2016)
    • Create full-page, fully customizable stat graphics from your live stats and generate images for sharing on social media or your official athletics site
  • New ‘Game Notes’ feature (early 2017)
    • New feature will automatically generate notes and textual insights from stats, providing instant recaps for games and bullet point notes for game releases and stories


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