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New for 2018-19 -- Run Season Stats on StatBroadcast

Posted on Jul 19, 2018

Available now for 2018-19 sports, StatBroadcast has added support for full season stats reports. 

You can now run stat reports from StatBroadcast’s Admin website. Using the XML files already present on our server from live stats (as well as the ability to upload XML from missing games), you can generate full season reports directly from our interface, without having to convert between different software formats, fire up virtual machine, open another laptop or unpack game files.

Log in to the Admin site and choose Season Stats from Apps to begin using this feature. Season stats can also be used with archived events, so season reports can be created from game stored on our servers from previous academic years as well. 

Season stats are immediately available for the following sports:
 • Football • Basketball • Soccer • Volleyball • Lacrosse 
Additional sports including hockey and baseball/softball will be available by winter 2018 

Features of StatBroadcast Stats include:
  • Generate season stats from any web browser
    • Uses XML files already present on our server
    • Cross-software compatible (StatCrew, Presto, Dak, Genius)
  • Create reports in PDF, HTML, rich text or XML for use in other medium or apps
    • Connect created season reports to StatBroadcast events for live updating season stats in your media and live stats
  • Includes all season reports available via traditional software as well as extended reports and analytics for football and basketball

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