StatBroadcast StatGrfx

Instantly generate infographics from your live stats

StatBroadcast StatGrfx lets you generate infographics on the fly, using the data from your media stats/live stats. StatGrfx currently come in three different styles.

StatMonitr and StatBroadcast Live comes standard with StatGrfx. Your staff and your fans can create them directly from the stats feeds from the Tools menu; the tools can also be accessed from the Admin Main Menu.

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StatGrfx StatCards

  • Create infographics based on team stats or comparisons
  • Pick from different stat card templates for each sport
  • Customize the color scheme and logo
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StatGrfx PlayerCards

  • Create infographics for individual players
  • Available for football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, softball
  • Pick the different stats to display
  • Customize the color scheme and logo
  • Upload a photo or use a team logo
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StatGrfx Snapshot

Grab a screenshot of the stats feed on your screen to save or share on social media, websites, etc. Customize the snapshot by dropping out the top banner graphic or hiding the current score.

What do I need to utilize StatGrfx at my school?

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