Real-time Stats for Media and Staff

Our exclusive stat display interface lets you give your media and staff an unpredecented level of in-game statistical detail, hassle-free at the speed of now

StatBroadcast®'s StatMonitr technology is a revolutionary new way to deliver real-time statistics and information during college sporting events, and works within the existing technology infrastructure at your venue.

We can get your school set up and started with as little basic requirements as a live internet connection and a computer running StatCrew. Because we use your venue's existing wired or wireless internet networks, you won't have to worry about setting up networks, signal coverage or frequency coordination.

StatBroadcast®'s cutting-edge StatMonitr technology gives you the ability to provide live, real-time stat displays to media members and event staff using our touchscreen wireless monitors, or their own laptop through a web browser.

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System Highlights

  • Display stats on wireless stat monitors, through any web browser or a combination of both
    • seamlessly expand the system for events that call for more coverage
    • Use our web interface to put a stat monitor or virtual stat monitor at every seat on press row
  • Uses your already existing wireless or wired network -- no need for new communication hardware
    • place a monitor anywhere your wireless network reaches -- even on the bench with your coach
    • no worries about signal interference or frequency coordination
  • Integrates effortlessly with StatCrew using the easy-to-use StatBroadcst application
    • Launch your stats with the click of one button
    • Automatically configures itself
    • Won't interfere with StatCrew programs, live stats or scoreboard connections
  • Exclusive features of StatBroadcast®'s StatMonitr
    • Live updating in-game and post-game notes or announcements
    • Live updating season statistics
    • Custom designed graphics and colors for your school or event
    • Integration with school Twitter feeds and hashtags
    • On-demand PDF generation and archives of full books from past stats

What do I need to run StatMonitr at my school?

  • Laptop with an valid license and install of StatCrew (or compatible scoring software)and running Windows XP or higher
  • Internet connection for laptop and monitors (wireless or wired)
  • StatBroadcast® software download

StatMonitr Hardware Leasing

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