Setup and Support Documentation for NCAA LiveStats In-Arena Utility and StatBroadcast Broadcastr

NCAA LiveStats currently does not support StatBroadcast Listener for Soccer. These are the only compatible setup instructions. For Basketball or Volleyball, you may use these instructions or alternatively utilize the StatBroadcast Listener for ease of use and enhanced live stats (extended play-by-play, additional stat categories):
StatBroadcast Listener

This documentation is also available as a PDF for saving/printing: Download PDF

Download and Installs

  1. Update your NCAA LiveStats software to the latest version
    NCAA LiveStats can be downloaded at:
  2. Download the NCAA LiveStats In-Arena Utility
    NCAA LiveStats IAU can be downloaded at:
  3. Download and install StatBroadcast Listener
    Download link requires log in: Software Downloads.
    **Note: You may need Administrator Access to your computer to install this software. You may also be required to install .NET 4.6 If you are receiving errors overwriting files, you may need your Campus IT staff to temporarily unlock your computer.**
If for some reason you are unable to install/setup the Broadcastr software, please use the IAU Direct Setup instructions to proceed:
IAU Direct Setup

Setup in NCAA LiveStats

do this before every game:

  1. Launch NCAA LiveStats
  2. From the Settings menu, choose In-Venue Feed
  3. Press the 'Start TV Feed' button
    If you have changed the 'Server port' number from its default value of 7677, please note that and enter it on the Advanced Settings menu in Listener.
  4. LiveStats.

Setup in NCAA LiveStats, IAU and Broadcastr

  1. Launch NCAA In-Arena Utility
  2. Select your sport
  3. Confirm IP address is set to localhost and Port is set to 7677
  4. Click the Connections button in the lower left
  5. Click the New button in the lower left to create a connection
    *The IAU will remember your settings so you will only need to create a connection once
  6. Specify the following settings -- fields marked with * must be filled out to save connection:
    1. Name*: StatBroadcast (any name is acceptable)
    2. Type*: Folder
    3. Location*: (you may place the file anywhere; outputting it to Desktop may make it easier for the next step)
    4. User/Password: (leave blank)
    5. Format*: Stat Crew XML
    6. File Name Mode: Use Game Number or Custom File Name (statbroadcast.xml for ease of use)
  7. Click the green Save button

  8. Launch StatBroadcast Broadcastr
  9. Login and load a new event (if prompted, specify that you are not using StatCrew / select Other)
  10. When prompted, select the file you created in the IAU steps above (file is located in the folder in Step 8b with the filename in Step 8e)
  11. Start Transmitting

Postgame - To wrapup game in StatBroadcast Broadcastr (Optional)

do this after your game is completed and you have entered final information in NCAA LiveStats

  1. Press the red Stop Transmitting button
  2. Press the Wrap up Event button
  3. Select your post-game options and click the 'Mark as complete and archive' button